4780,6 thsn ha

Agricultural land

2049,8 thsn ha

Arable land

5.4 bln usd

Total gross output

Agriculture is a crucial sector for Azerbaijan’s economy due to the number of reasons namely maintaining the food security of the country and the share of the population employed in this sector. That is the reason why economic policies addressed to stimulate agricultural production have been the priority for the government.

Azerbaijan has the basis for the strong cultivation of specialized, often rare, crops, including cotton, tea, tobacco, and hazelnut and it produces other potentially valuable crops. Ninety percent of the production of these crops is dependent on irrigated lands, which constitute one-third (1,445 thousand ha) of total agricultural lands. The north-western region of Azerbaijan (namely Gakh, Zagatala, and Balakan regions) is one of the oldest and geographically rich regions of the country. The ethnic structure and local traditions of the region are very diverse, which gave impetus to the formation of various agricultural practices here. To fulfill its potential, the government increases the global profile of Azerbaijani agricultural products, through its ‘Made in Azerbaijan’ campaign, which provides numerous incentives programs for farmers, processors, and traders of agricultural products.

Currently, under the FAO-Azerbaijan Partnership Programme (FAPP) several projects are being implemented and one of them is “Catalyzing the efficiency and sustainability of Azerbaijan’s hazelnut sector” (HAZER). Another project called “Development of sustainable and inclusive local agri-food systems in the northwest region of Azerbaijan” aimed to develop effective and inclusive agri-food systems. Two new projects "Support to Structural Reform and Strategic Development" and "Improvement of Seed and Agro-Chemical Laboratories and Certification Services" have been launched under FAPP focusing on sustainable consumption and production patterns and sustainable agri-food systems in a changing climate and environment through efficient, inclusive food and agricultural supply chains at the local, regional and global levels.

Investment Opportunities:
  • greenhouse veg and fruit production;
  • medicinal herbs;
  • aquaculture farms;
  • intensive fruit orchards;
  • essential (flower) oils;
  • apiculture;
  • viticulture;
  • poultry farms;
  • seed production;
  • tea growing;
  • meat farms;
  • feed production;
  • safron production;
  • dairy farms.