Carlsberg group

Carlsberg Group was founded in 1847 and is one of the world's largest beer producers now. It is headquartered in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Carlsberg Group has plants in dozens of countries in three major regions of the world - Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe and Asia and its products are represented in 150 countries. The company portfolio includes more than 140 beer brands. The total number of the Group's employees is more than 40,000.

In 2008 brewery plant in Xirdalan became a part of Carlsberg Group and has been opened after reconstruction in 2009. Upgrade of the brewery was one of the biggest investment projects in food industry in the recent period in the Azerbaijan Republic. Total amount of investments upon the completion of the investment program was about USD 20 mln. The brewing line, fermentation and filtration rooms were reconstructed, bottling line was reequipped and a line for the filling into PET-packaging was installed. All the equipment newly installed at the plant was produced by such leading global companies as Krones AG, Gea Brewery Systems Gmbh, Filtrox AG, Ring Crown, Pall Gmbh etc.

The major event in terms of the company investments into the fixed assets in 2014 was the installation of silages for the storage of grain, as well as bright beer tanks for the storage of finished products. Installation of silages allows to improve storage conditions of grain and ensure full compliance with high standards of the Carlsberg Group.

In 2019 in order to localize raw materials for brewing production, Carlsberg Azerbaijan and AzerSheker initiated a pilot project on cultivation of malting barley in Azerbaijan. Samples of the first crop of local barley were tested in local and regional laboratories of the Carlsberg Group, which allowed initiators to plan further scaling up of the project.
In mid-November 2020, sewing of barley was carried out on the territory of Shamkir region with an area of 70 hectares, which allowed to make the first brew of Xirdalan beer from local barley already in 2021. It is planned to fully switch to local barley in 2022-2023.

On May 18, 2021, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the country's largest brewing company Carlsberg Azerbaijan. According to the document, Carlsberg Azerbaijan plans to invest over AZN 25 million in localization of the raw material base, modernization of the enterprise, reduction of losses and development of workplace safety measures in the workplace, export of beer produced in the country, as well as in commercial projects aimed at developing the production in 2021-2025.