Holcim Azerbaijan OJSC is a part of Holcim Group, which is the world’s leading supplier of solutions in the construction sector. Founded in 1912 in Switzerland, the Group has grown into a leading global player with a market presence in all continents including majority and minority interests in more than 70 countries. Investment projects of Holcim realized in Azerbaijan since 1999 have always been directed towards the introduction of new construction and environmental and social standards.
Holcim is one of the leading cement, clinker, and road binders manufacturing companies in Azerbaijan. The company supplies domestic demand with high-quality products, which meet both local and international standards.
Holcim always tries to be next to customers. Studying their needs allows the company to understand the market better and provide products and building solutions. Company activities cover various market segments, from industrial construction companies to small retail shops.
From the product range perspective, Holcim's cement fits each phase of building construction that supports the utilization of the right product for the right applications.
By implementing smart projects to restore the infrastructure destroyed during the occupation, Karabakh as a whole has great potential to become an innovation hub in the region.
Holcim cement was used to build the Fuzuli Airport, the Victory Road, and other road and rail infrastructure to support this statement.
By investing in research of new product formulas and implementing digitization and automation in the construction field in the Karabakh regions, Holcim will bring fruitful results. 
In the short term, Holcim's main goal is to continue to support those already involved in projects in Karabakh with an exemplary logistics service, ensuring full-on-time delivery, and optimizing response times to customer orders to increase the availability of our products through local warehouses.
While speaking about business initiatives related to the Karabakh region, innovation in Holcim is also supposed to change the market perception of the company. Today, Holcim is seen only as a producer (plant) of cement, yet as was mentioned above, we provide a more extensive range of solutions. On top of that, we are proud to announce that recently Holcim started in-house production of concrete and mortars ready to use. By this, the company targets to be closer to the market and the Client's needs, be the promoter of qualitative and sustainable solutions, and support the construction of buildings more efficiently.
Holcim is ready to contribute with an innovative approach in the construction sector. In particular, providing expertise and best practices in construction is more economical, greener and more efficient. In order to express it in a simpler way, the industry of building materials and the construction industry should pay attention to the materials that are used, not overspend on some features which are not required by specific applications and, vice-versa, to use the right quality of materials for structural and responsible works.