Continuous reform process

Independent Azerbaijan is experiencing a historic turning point in its economic, social, political, and cultural development. Purposeful socio-economic reforms implemented in the country during this transitional period have ensured a strengthening and modernization of the national economy.


Over the past 17 years, economy of Azerbaijan has more than tripled on the basis of dynamic development, a strong socio-economic infrastructure has been created, and the level of poverty has significantly decreased within the context of positive demographic growth. Growing economic power has allowed Azerbaijan to initiate major projects which can change the economies of the South Caucasus and surrounding regions. As a locomotive of the regional economy, Azerbaijan has become one of the world's most reliable partners.


Reforms carried out in previous years, has expanded country's socio-economic potential and has grown economy's resilience to external shock.


The implementation of socio-economic activities and the ensuring of our territorial integrity have laid a solid base from which Azerbaijan will eventually move to a higher quality state of development, effectively becoming a fast-growing, highly prosperous, leading state.


Effective and efficient management of the state’s role in the economy via market-oriented reforms, bolstering of private institutions, government-friendly business management, and further liberalization of trade practices in order to increase export potential of the country. Creative and innovative development of private initiatives in the country are one of the main priorities.


In order to improve trading relations with foreign countries, as well as to ensure promotion and expansion of local products and "Made in Azerbaijan" brand, Azerbaijani government owns 11 Trading and 4 Wine houses abroad and has Trading representatives in 6 countries.


Trade Representatives operating in foreign countries:

  • Russian Federation
  • Republic of Poland (Central Europe)
  • Republic of China
  • United Arab Emirates (Gulf countries)
  • The State of Israel
  • Republic of Türkiye


Trade and Wine Houses operating in foreign countries:

  • "Trading House" - Minsk
  • "Trading House" - Kyiv
  • "Trading House" – Dubai
  • “Trading House” – Abu Dhabi
  • "Trading House" – Warsaw
  • "Trading House" - Riga
  • "Trading House" - Nur-Sultan/Astana
  • "Trading House" – Chengdu
  • "Trading House" – Pekin
  • "Trading House" - Qingdao
  • "Trading House" –Zhangjiajie
  • "Trading Section" - Shanghai
  • "Trading Section" - Harbin
  • "Trading Section" - Jinan
  • "Trading Section" - Wuhan
  • "Wine House" - Yekaterinburg
  • Two "Wine House"s – Urumqi
  • "Wine House" - Shanghai