Strategic Location

Geographically, Azerbaijan is located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, connecting Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Trans-Caspian East-West Trade and Transit Corridor is a key route connecting two major global economies, China and Europe (on average 5,400 km length, 15 days transit period). Substantial investments in a north–south (from the Russian border to the Iranian border) and east–west (from the Absheron Peninsula to Georgia and then Türkiye) road and rail connectivity have been made, and most projects are either completed or are well on track.


As the largest economy in South Caucasus is located on the trans-Caspian transport route between Central Asia and Europe. Implementation of the Law on Alat Free Economic Zone adopted in May 2018 and completion of the Baku International Sea Trade Port—important elements of the country’s aspiration of becoming a transport and economic hub in Central Eurasia—represent a good platform for the country to benefit from transport projects. 


Effective time-saving routes:


Azerbaijan's strategic location enables easy reach to markets across 16 different time zones, from Tokyo to New York.


  • 70% time saving (China - Europe maritime route)
  • 60% time saving for the North-South route (India - Europe)
  • 50% time saving (Iran - Europe)


Location of Azerbaijan





Transit and Logistics Potential Map





Infrastructure and Possibilities

  • Road infrastructure in Azerbaijan is developing at high speed. Currently, almost 29 thousand km of roads and highways have been built and restored.
  • 8 new international airports, including in the liberated areas of Azerbaijan. One more is on the way;
  • New Baku International Sea Trade Port - located south of the capital city of Baku at the intersection of major transport corridors;
  • Alat Free Economic Zone – a multi-modal production export-oriented site in a prime strategic location offering a wide range of incentives and benefits;
  • Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad (“The Iron Silkway”) - an international rail link project connecting Azerbaijan, Georgia and Türkiye;
  • Potential Zangazur corridor - connects the Lesser Caucasus and the Anatolian highlands.