21.3 bln USD


34.6 mln tons

Crude oil production

43.9 bn m3

Total gas production

8,207 ton

Copper ores and concentrates

The territory of Azerbaijan is distinguished by its unique nature and phisicogeographical and climatic peculiarities. It has a significant amount of natural resources including oil-gas fields, ore deposits, and mineral waters. Oil-gas product refining, petrochemical, chemical, and other industries have been developed.

Azerbaijan’s mining sector has grown in parallel with the country’s robust economy. There are a large number of ferrous, non-ferrous, and precious metal ores, non-metallic raw materials and construction materials, underground fresh, mineral, thermal, and iodine-bromine industrial water fields, and deposits in different regions of Azerbaijan. Among them are deposits of gold, copper, lead-zinc ores, and construction materials. The exploitation of the giant Filizchay group of fields (Filizchay, Katekh, Kasdagh, Sagator, Mazimchay, Kasmala, Cixix) located in the old contract area will play an important role in the development of the country's industry in the near future.

The State Balance of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan contains reserves of 3 iron ores, 2 cobalt, 3 molybdenum, 8 copper, 5 lead-zinc, 1 aluminum raw material, 2 mercury, 9 gold, including 5 special and 4 complex ores, 2 barites, 15 gypsum, anhydrite, clay, 3 ceramic raw materials, 2 dolomite, 1 zeolite, 3 bentonite clay, 2 quartzite, 4 table salt, 3 mineral dyes, 1 soda limestone raw material, 5 glass raw materials (quartz sand), 9 ornamental stones, 59 saws stone raw materials (limestone, tuff, sandstone, travertine), 22 facing stones, 9 building stones, 76 sand-gravel, 17 building materials, 101 clay raw materials suitable for brick production, 16 cement raw materials (4 limestone, 4 volcanic ash, 3 trass, 2 pumice, perlite, 3 bituminous rocks, 18 lime raw materials, 65 freshwaters), 29 mineral water, 6 thermal and industrial water deposits. Mining enterprises for the extraction and processing of gold and copper have been operating in the Dashkasan (Chovdar) and Gadabay districts, including the Dashkasan Iron Ore Plant.