Benchmark Azerbaijan

As a result of recent reforms, the business environment in Azerbaijan has significantly improved. This is acknowledged by several international organizations. According to the new ranking, Azerbaijan ranks 28th out of 190 countries in the World Bank's Doing Business program related to business climate, the investment climate and the reforms.


Besides, Azerbaijan is among the top 10 most reformist countries. Furthermore, the well-known Heritage Foundation has also published a rating table related to economic freedoms, and Azerbaijan ranks 44th in the world for the index of economic freedoms. In just one year, we climbed 19 steps. Some parameters of the Davos World Economic Forum report: access to electricity – Azerbaijan ranks second in the world; government's long-term strategy – Azerbaijan is in 10th place, government's political stability agenda – Azerbaijan ranks 11th in the world; for the railway services' efficiency – Azerbaijan is in 11th place; the efficiency of airline services – we rank 12th; the quality of roads – we are in 24-27th places. This assessment covers 74 developing countries. Azerbaijan ranks third for the Inclusive Development Index.